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Tech expert - Great understanding of emerging technologies, trends and their implications, able to advise from the technical/digital aspect of the solution/product, and is able to produce a demo of the concept
Business guru - Great understanding of different business models, able to create a business case for the product/solution so it will bring benefits to SAIC
Creative Marketer - Great understanding of different marketing strategies, able to identify market needs and advise product/solution development/planning based on customer insights
I’m Unique! – If you feel like you don’t belong to any of the above categories, but your knowledge and skills can be particularly useful in developing a new mobility/vehicle concept in the digital era, tell us what best describes you!
Questions - Written or Video
Please answer four of the following questions, based on the role you selected above.
You may present your answers in the form of a short video (Submit your link in the field provided at the bottom of this form) or simply fill in your written answers in the appropriate fields below.
1. Why are you the best person to join us? 2. What can you bring to your SAICology team that is unique?
1. What role do you consider yourself to be and why? 2. From your background, what skills or knowledge do you have that are transferable for this competition?
1. What entrepreneurial experience do you have? 2. What are the current market trends with regards to business management?
1. Looking at current production vehicles, how could you improve them? 2. What are the current market trends with regards to tech in your area of expertise?
1. What are the three most important characteristics for you to market a vehicle in the UK? 2. What are the current trends with regards to UK marketing?
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